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Te Awamutu Eye Care Fees

Consultation Fees

Fees are based on time spent, equipment and the complexity of the procedures.

Eye Examination Fee $90-95
Visual Field Assessment $55
Dilated Pupil Fundus Examination $50
Children & Student Examination $69
Driver’s Licence Assessment $35
Contact Lens & Eye Health Check $90


Children’s Subsidy

Government Subsidy (‘Enable’) is available for children aged 15 years and under. The subsidy is currently $287.50 (inc Gst) and may be used to pay for the cost of an eye examination and contribute towards the cost of spectacles if required. This subsidy is available for each child in the family and is renewed annually if all the conditions are met as set out below.

Subsidy Conditions

  • Child must be 15 years of age or under and
  • Parent/legal guardian must have a current Community Services Card and/or
  • Child has current High User Health Card, which must be sighted by a Te Awamutu Eye Care team member.
  • Parent/Legal guardian must fill out appropriate claim form (supplied by Te Awamutu Eye Care)
  • All details supplied must be accurate. Parent/legal guardian will remain responsible for any outstanding amount remaining on the childs account should the claim be rejected.

Seniors Only Discounts

Introducing a second Seniors Only Discount to choose from:

Grey Power members, for many years, have enjoyed the generous 10% discount* when their membership card has been produced.

We have now also introduced:
10% Discount for NZ Gold Card Superanuant holders * (Finally it has a use for seniors who don’t live in a big city!)
*Conditions: (unfortunately there have to be one or two)

  • Discounts cannot be used together, sorry. ( a 10% maximum discount applies)
  • Account must be paid in full to receive 10% discount, and apply to all goods and services at Te Awamutu Eye Care
  • Important: Please present your card at time of payment to receive your 10% discount as we are unable to apply the discount once payment has been processed.

Spectacles & Contact Lenses

We charge only the recommended retail (or less) for all spectacles and contact lenses

  • Packages are available for the price conscious
  • We change our frames constantly to meet fashion trends and our frames are priced very competitively
  • Normal guarantees apply
  • Ask about our new sunglass package deals

Payment Details

What about Me?

If you don’t happen to qualify for the above specials, and are perhaps wanting a bargain or on a tight budget? We can help you.
Package Deals now available starting from $199 (Frame & Lenses)*

  • Frames must be from our ‘package deal’ range in store which are subject to change.
  • Lenses are single vision (eg: used for reading or distance) or bifocal and are available in clear or Transitions (eg: darkens in sun).
  • Specially worked lenses (eg: due to a high or unusual prescription) and progressive lenses, are not able to be included in the package deals- sorry.