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Te Awamutu Eye Care Team

At Te Awamutu Eye Care, our priority is looking after your eyes and vision. The team of Bevan, Hazel and Lareen strive to ensure that clients will get eye care and eyewear that is second to none; personalised with a professional, caring and friendly approach.

Team Top Tip….

W.O.F for your Spectacles!

Your car needs a regular warrant of fitness. You wouldn’t expect your car to last long if you didn’t get the mechanic to check the nuts and bolts? So don’t put up with your specs ‘hanging’ off your nose or waiting for that temple (arm) to fall off over the long weekend ( Murphy’s Law!). Come in and see the friendly team at Te Awamutu Eye Care for your spectacle W.O.F. No appointment is necessary!

Bevan Young- Optometrist

Bevan was born in Napier and grew up in a family of 5 boys. He was keen on sport, playing most nights of the week, and has kept up with tennis, table tennis, badminton, and volleyball. After completing his optometry degree at the University of Auckland in 1997, he worked in Paraparaumu for 3 years, followed by a year in Wellington City.
With a keen interest in travelling, he went to London and enjoyed travelling Europe for a couple of years. He returned to Auckland, where he met his wife and completed the optometry Post-Graduate course in Therapeutics. This course was aimed at advancing optometry knowledge in eye diseases and the prescribing eye medications to treat common eye diseases and conditions.

“In the time I have been practising, I have seen a significant shift in the profession that has advanced us technologically and professionally. There is so much more we can do now, that was not available when I graduated in the late 1990s. It makes for exciting times. I love working with and for the people we see at Te Awamutu Eye Care.

Hazel Novak- Practice manager

Hazel has been in the optical industry for 25 years both in New Zealand and Australia. With her experience and knowledge, Hazel takes your lifestyle, occupation, sports and leisure activities into account, ensuring you have individualised optical solutions to meet your specific needs. Our frames are continually being renewed and updated, keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Lenses are being made thinner, lighter and tougher, while the options for sun protection change by the day. Hazel ensures that she and the rest of the team keep up with the latest advances in technology, so that these benefits can be passed on to you.

Laureen Comins- Optometric Assistant.

Laureen, born and bred in Te Awamutu, has worked in the practice since she left school. With her experince, knowledge and enjoyment of meeting people, Laureen ensures clients get the very best eye care and eye wear experience when they come to Te Awamutu Eye Care.