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Te Awamutu Eye Care is an independently owned optometry practice offering experienced, professional eye care to the wider Te Awamutu area. With a wide range of frames, personalised lens choices plus the latest technological procedures, we are committed to providing quality eye care and eyewear in Te Awamutu, Otorohanga and Taumarunui.

Personal consistent care…

Vision is the most important sense we have. We use it every second of every waking moment.
It is also the sense we take most for granted – and, too often, we only realise how vital it is when we begin to lose it.

At Te Awamutu Eye Care we have the people, the skill and the knowledge to help you look after your eyes and vision. Our aim is to provide professional, personal and consistent care for you and your family. Our range of frames offer options for all and the wide choice of lenses are individualised to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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